International Working Conference
Professionals on arbitration and mediation of Europe and Asia held discussions about alternative resolving of disputes in the international conference held in Baku.
On October 25, 2012 an international working conference was held on the subject of „Arbitrator and Mediators in Resolving National and International Disputes”. In the international conference held by the organization of Azerbaijan Arbitration and Mediation Center, Court of Arbitration at the Nowy Tomyśl Chamber of Commerce, Poland Arbitration and Mediation Association authoritative professionals on arbitration and mediation from Central and Eastern Europe countries, also from Turkey and Middle Asia.
In the conference went on three series together with lectures of practical and authoritative experiments from Poland, Great Britain, France, Turkey, Ukrain, Germany, Russia Georgia and other countries, the participants were given information about alternative resolving of disputes in Azerbaijan.
Alida Mahmudova, General Secretary of the Arbitration and Mediation Center of Azerbaijan gave information about arising condition for the activity of international arbitration institute as the result of legal reforms by taking part in the subject „The Development of International Arbitration in Azerbaijan”. A.Mahmudova, together with emphasizing the existence of international arbitration institute in Azerbaijan, including legislation base for applying widely other alternative resolving methods of disputes, she noted that some normative acts should be improved.
More than 10 international expert spoke with actual subjects about alternative resolve methods of disputes: Włodzimierz Brych  - President of the Court of Arbitration at the Nowy Tomyśl Chamber of Commerce, President of the Polish Society for Arbitration and Mediation,  international arbitrator Arbitrators and their Relations with the Arbitration Court (Arbitral Institution, arbitrator of the International Commercial Court of Arbitration at the CCI of the Russian Federation, professor Mikhael Savransky „Actual aspects of the development of international arbitration in the post-soviet space”, Ergun Özsunay - Professor, President of the International Association of Legal Science (Paris), international arbitrator from Turkey in the subject “Arbitrators and Mediators in Settling Disputes”, Yusuf Nazarov - Professor of the Law Faculty of the National University of Uzbekistan in the subject „Arbitrators and Mediators in the Resolution of National and International Disputes”, Ruhiyya Isayeva – Associate/Advocate, Salans UK Limited ( Baku), in the subject „Challenging the Jurisdiction of Commercial Contracts with the Arbitration Clause”, Khayal Mammadov – Legal Adviser, Law Department State Oil Company of the Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR), in the subject „Independence and Impartiality of Arbitrators: Focus on Azerbaijani Law”, Robert Cichórz – an international arbitrator, in the subject “The Status of Foreign Arbitrators in Polish Legislation”, Paweł Pietkiewicz (Poland) an international arbitrator, in the subject „The Role of National Courts in Appointing and Challenging Arbitrators”, Gunduz Karimov – Partner Baker & McKenzie - CIS, Limited, Baku, in thr subject “Nomination and Appointment of Arbiters in International Arbitration”, Shai Wade – Partner  at ReedSmith LLP London, in the subject „Challenging Arbitratirs in International Arbitration Proceedings: Tactical Considerations and Practical Tips”, Ryszard Wargin – President of the Commercial Arbitration Court in Poznań (Poland), in the subject „The Composition of An Arbitral Tribunal Panel ”, Feyza Eker Ayhan –  Legal Department of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, in thr subject  „Outline of the New Turkish Mediation Act”,
Paata Kopaleishvili – Attorney-at-law, Vice-President of International Arbitration at the Chamber of Commerce of Adjara (Georgia, Batumi), in the subject „The Combination of Mediation and Arbitration in Resolving Commercial Disputes”, Madona Ghibradze  - Assistant professor at the Law School of the Georgian American University and arbitrator of the Dispute Resolution Center of Georgia, in the subject  „Mediation in the Legal System of Georgia”, Levan Janashia - Director of  the Institute for Arbitral Proceedings, in the subject  „Court Mediation in Georgia”, David Okroshidze – Member of the Board of the Notary Chamber of Georgia, in the subject „Notary Mediation in Georgia”.
Every speech was listened with interest by the participants, discussions were held around all subjects and suggestions were put forward concerning resolve ways of problems. 
Let’s note that every year an international conference is held from the series „Arbitration and Mediation in Countries of Central, Eastern Europe and in Some Asian Countries”. Holding the next conference in Baku comes forward from the interest of Central and Eastern Europe countries towards Azerbaijan Republic. Foreign experts declared in the discussions held in the frame of conference that there is fertile condition in Azerbaijan for applying alternative resolve methods of disputes and they believe perspective development of this sphere.
It should be noted that recent years in Azerbaijan definite practice has arisen connected applying the alternative resolve methods of disputes edge from the law-court. Together with educative measures concerning alternative resolve of disputes, Azerbaijan Arbitration and Mediation Center is busy with resolving concrete disputes with the participation of professional specialists in this sphere.
Foreign and local specialists, lawyers and representatives of ownership subjects also participated in the international conference together with speaker-experts.

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