Since 1993, under the guidance and initiative of our national leader, H.Aliyev, the reforms on a grand scale have started to be implemented on a purpose to establish and develop civil society in the country, to consolidate the economical power, state sovereignty of our young, independent country.
Economical, social, cultural, as well as legal reforms carried out in different spheres of state and society, of course, are prior principles of establishing legal, democratic, and secular state.
To carry out and develop legal reforms, covering all spheres of society in the right direction, is of a great importance for joining the integration of the republic, newly gained its independence into the world community, the involvement of foreign investment into the country economy, and the establishment of a democratic civil society;
The experience of the developed countries also proves that. On the 12th of November, in 1995, after the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, prepared under the guidance and initiative of our national leader H. Aliyev, legal reforms in the country gained more acceleration; the improvement of legislative base, the structural reforms and other issues stepped into a new quality stage.
As a result of legal reforms, that began from the 90s of the last century, the conceptual ways of solving the principal issues such as: the building of a democratic, secular state as well as integration into the modern world community, the formation of free civil society, the guarantee of legitimate operation of the Court and the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms by a state on a high level were defined.
As a whole, in order to ensure the progressive, permanent development of civil society the continuity of legal reforms (as well as law – court reforms) successively is very significant. In this process, the active role of different structures of civil society, the purposeful activity of pubic organizations in the propaganda and delivery of state policy to the society plays a positive role. From this viewpoint, the constructive work of the public organizations operating in our country is very significant. The activity of public organizations is encircled by the state care in the process of improvement of state policy in various spheres of society, educating the large strata of society.

Public organizations specialized in different fields of society take an active part in the leading of enlightening events among the populace by mastering international experience, supporting state policy in this or other spheres in preparation and implementation of programs. Great deals of public organizations participate in the sphere of enlightenment of the populace, enlargement of legal knowledge widely and the protection of human rights and some of them have splendid results.
At the same time, the investigations prove that, there’s a great demand for the establishment and activity of independent organizations specialized on the purpose to support state programs in the sphere of legal reforms, to plan legal reforms, as a whole.
Therefore establishment and activity of Legal Reforms Support Centre NGO (LRSC) has appeared as a result of this necessity.
The main purpose of Legal Reforms Support Centre, that was established according to the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan, about “NGOs”(Public Organizations and Funds) is to work out support programs to realize  legal reforms in the country appropriate to international experience and rules, to support these reforms with its practical and constructive activity to manage due propagandizing process to get more fruitful results of these legal reforms, to come out with proposals in the direction of coordination national legislation with international standards, by the organizing arbitration and mediation institutions to achieve in our country the application of regulation of disputes apart from court which exists in international experience, to improve law education and teaching methods as well as lead analytical and scientific investigations to achieve the formation of experimental science of law.
Obviously, the matters, above mentioned as the basic purposes of the Centre are the problems that have become beyond the attention of other organizations.
LRSC is in the power of contributing legal reforms covering all spheres of society, continuing the process in a new quality stage, acting from the position of industrious professionalism and pure citizenship.
The leading countries of the world in economical development sphere passed the way of progress within some tens years, but the Azerbaijan Republic passing the same development way only within some years, is in a such stage of its development that one can feel the necessity to establish and develop legal institutions in our country that can create a suitable opportunity to restore civil Society.
Legal Reforms Support Centre defined as its purposes matters as revealing the basic problems and their solution, drawing the attention of state bodies to this sphere, popularizing in our county arbitration, mediation and other means of international legal institutions regulating the disputes apart from court.

To carry out the task LRSC, set before, it will lead the affairs more consequently and purposefully in the following directions;
-application of innovations in legal reforms, administration, working out innovatory projects and supporting their implementation;
-  establishing and consolidating legal basis formation of innovatory society.
- being one of the significant factors of civil society development, to achieve the implementation of international experience by the means of solution of disputes apart from court through mediation, conciliation, arbitration and others.
- increasing the professionalism of lawyer personnel in particular, involving lawyers working in private sector into the improvement of professional skill training courses; acquisition of senior students studying at higher schools or newly graduated ones, a habit of practical science of law, training highly-qualified personnel.
-mastering an international experience in order to support the improvement of legal reforms;
working out new law drafts, involving international specialists, coming out with legislative initiatives;
In order to achieve the purposes set before, 3 independent bodies attached to LRSC have been established appropriate to its main activity;
Azerbaijan Arbitration and Mediation Centre, Innovation Development Centre;
Legal Educational Training Centre;
Undoubtedly, we suppose to make profit on acquiring and implementing international experience in our work on purpose to achieve all our goals. Our specialists carry out serious investigations in this direction: As well as, the centre intends to cooperate with state bodies and public organizations being engaged in implementation of innovatory drafts and legal reforms in their work.
To achieve its goals, LRSC has done lots of things at its own charge within a short period of time since it was established. For instance, prepared by our specialist “Russian-Azerbaijani Law Dictionary” with explanations, including approximately 2000 legal terms has been presented to readers being published with a mass circulation. The books “Inheritance” , “Enactments” , “Resolutions” , “Commentaries” (1923-2000) , “The arrangement of mediation process in the solution of disputes” have been worked out by the employees of the Centre and are going to be published with a mass printing in the near future.

Preparing and publishing these materials our main purpose is to assist to the citizens to get enlightened from legal viewpoint. The book of “Mediation as a means of dispute resolution apart from court” is also prepared and is going to be published these days. 
The Court System has qualitatively changed a lot and has become innovated structurally as a result of court-legal reforms carried out by Azerbaijan State within last 10 years.
While solving disputes appearing in the economical activity of local and foreign investors as well as protecting the human rights and fundamental freedoms State Courts carry out  the enforcement of functions of Justice that they’re expected.
At the same time the application of alternative ways of solution of disputes is a demand of time in the Azerbaijan Republic integrating into the globalizing world. As it is known, the alternative solution methods of disputes, apart from court are applied widely in the countries having the most developed and improved justice systems; the methods as arbitration and mediation are being developed institutionally.
First,  LRSC, has done a great deal of work to improve and continue the steps taken in the direction of the solution methods of dispute apart from court through arbitration in the last 5 years in Azerbaijan. By the way, we must note that, LRSC, employees have plenty of theoretical and practical skill in the field of alternative dispute resolution. So, International Commercial Arbitration “Society, that is called “Azerbaijan Arbitration and Mediation Centre” at present was established and began to act in 2002, being reorganized and founded by LRSC, on the basis of legal heritage. International Commercial Arbitration “Society, according to the Law of Azerbaijan Republic on International Arbitration, established International Commercial Arbitration Court of Azerbaijan” on 11 November, 2003, chose the arbitrators of International Commercial Arbitration Court, organized the secretariat and apparatus of  ICAC and ratified the Resolution of ICAC.
In 2008, being established by LRSC International Commercial Arbitration Society was organized again as “Azerbaijan Arbitration Mediation Centre” being renamed, with an official state registration on the basis of legal heritage.
International Commercial Arbitration Society that granted legal heritage to the “Azerbaijan Arbitration and Mediation Centre”, was an industrious propagandist of the idea of arbitration independently, did a lot of practical work in the sphere of development and organization of the work of International Commercial Arbitration Court that was established attached to the latest during its existence as well as in the years of 2004-2007.
International Commercial Arbitration Court has signed mutual cooperation agreements with analogical bodies and organizations operating approximately in 15 countries as Germany, Romania, Egypt, Turkey, India, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Austria and so on that have a rich experience in the sphere of arbitration and mediation, and these ties are still being supported in different shapes.
International Commercial Arbitration Society edited 2 books, 4 pamphlets (in Azeri, English, and Russian) about international arbitration and publishes the newspaper “Arbitration” at its charge.
At present, ICAC is busy with the solution of some commercial disputes and it appears as a result of entrepreneurs' trust in alternative ways of solutions of disputes.
Now, Azerbaijan Arbitration and Mediation Centre operating attached to legal Reforms Support Centre (LRSC) continues its relations in the sphere of International Arbitration and Mediation, in particular, carries out an active work in the propaganda of alternative ways of economical disputes in our in our country, as well as properly represents our country in the international arena, acting as an independent arbitration and mediation body.


The draft law is being worked out by the employees of the Centre on "Mediation" and “Arbitration Court” being guided by national legislative base and international experience.
In the near future the new draft will be presented to the appropriate state bodies and to the discussion of the public. LRSC is planning the implementation of original projects in the sphere of the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms. Firstly, in order to improve different legal enactments on the level appropriate to international experience and the demand of the time appeals consisting of approximately 10 proposals have been presented to National Assembly (Milli Meclis) of Azerbaijan Republic, to the Presidential Apparatus and to the Cabinet of Ministers.
The improvement of legislative base is always on the focus of attention of our state and appropriate bodies in the progressively changing society. LRSC works out and presents based proposals to appropriate bodies in order timely and professionally to ensure the solution of the problems appeared in the work of its collaborators and other specialists on the basis of the appeals of private, public, state organizations. As a whole, to participate in the working out of new draft laws and improving the laws in force, obtaining the advantages of application methods of enactments and different laws, eliminating shortcomings in the experience of law application is one of the basic directions of LRSC.

LRSC intends to mobilize the potential capabilities of all lawyers of the republic into the more democratization process of society, the consolidation of legal state and civil society, protection of the interests of society, enlargement and realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms. The acquisition of international experience in protection of human rights and freedoms, the assistance to the persons whose rights are violated easily to apply to European Court of Human Rights, trying to improve legal support entirely are one of the solid working spheres of the Centre.
One of the working directions of the Centre is to increase the influence of the    profession of the science of law, to improve the profession trainings (training of personnel) and profession ethics of lawyers, especially, to support the advocacies and practical lawyers operating as agents to be qualified in different spheres. 
Nowadays, the specialists’ group of the centre is investigating the newest innovatory methods of intonation experience, international law, the main features of modern international relations and law in order to achieve the goals set before. To make direct relations with international Law Unions and Organizations and also mutual cooperation with international experts are the significant issues for the Centre.
Therefore, to send the employees of the Centre to foreign countries and invite foreign specialists to our country, so, to carry out industrious experience exchange have been taken into consideration.
Fatali Abdullayev
The chairman of Legal Reforms Support Centre.

Azerbaijan Arbitration and Mediation Centre

Legal Innovation and Development Centre

Legal Educational Training Centre